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Small Flips: Side Table Edition

In the midst of the BIG navy credenza, I picked up some free pieces here and there and worked on them when I needed a quick project that brought the satisfaction of completion.

The easiest one was the telephone table. It just required some gluing, a sanding, and then fresh stain and poly. Pretty simple but definitely looks much better!

Next up was a little table that took way more time than it was worth. It had a slightly bent leg. After cutting some of the bottom off, the bend still showed. I did everything…soaked it in water and then used clamps to bend it back into place. In the end, it’s not perfect, but it was the best I could do. I re-stained and sealed the top with Minwax Dark Walnut and replaced the knob with this cute one from Amazon.

And finally. My favorite quick flip. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before of this one. I so wish I did. It was an orangey wood color with an old formica laminate top. But it had these really cool legs on it. I ditched the top and got Jeremy to help me replace it with a piece of walnut we had. I painted it white and updated the pulls. And then I polished up the legs and painted the bottom of the leg gold to match the pulls.

There’s a lot of free furniture out there. I’m so glad I was able to rescue these pieces!

creativity Furniture

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