Off to Africa…okay, so it’s been a busy year!

Mid September we headed to S. Africa for 6 weeks. It was a great trip. We hosted several different teams while we were there plugging in with the Hands At Work ministry. The kids did awesome. Emma Grace’s favorite part was the babies! We babysat one Saturday for a Young Mother’s gathering. She was in heaven holding the babies (with mommy’s help, of course).

This trip was really special for Joshua and Jen. Jen worked mostly at the care centers and Joshua tagged along as well. He actually really loved it. The first couple of times he didn’t engage much with the kids but the more we went, the more he started engaging. The most special time was one tea time. I started serving the kids their tea. Joshua usually kept playing by himself on the playground but this particular day he came over and started helping serve the tea as well. I looked over and almost got emotional as I realized that he was doing what he could to serve Jesus! We’re so glad that he’s exposed to things much bigger than himself at such a young age.

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