In Awe Of God’s Creation…

We’ve had a volunteer with us the past couple of weeks so today I took her into Kruger Park (see when you guys come we’ll also take you to Kruger Park!) I’ve been in several times but today, just the two of us going, it was such a peaceful drive (maybe it was also because I’m used to hearing, “She touched me!” or “Joshua hit me!”) We just sat in awe of God’s creation seeing impala and waterbuck gather at the watering hole for a drink, wondering how the hippo could get out of the water to sunbathe on the shore, watching elephant cross the road right in front of us with their enormous ears and trunk, seeing zebra with their amazing stripes, and watching the giraffe eat the thorns from the top of the trees. Sometimes you wonder why God made the giraffe with its awkward legs and long neck or why He made the baboon with a bare behind. Seeing all the animals makes you realize that we serve a very creative God. Thank you, Jesus, for letting us enjoy your amazing creation!

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