Back In SA…Jetlag Proves Disastrous!

Well, we arrived back to South Africa on Thursday. We had a good flight and the kids have slowly adjusted to the time change…sleeping a little later each morning. Saturday, however, had a little unexpected excitement. Jeremy and I thought it a good idea for everyone to have a quiet time, so the kids watched a movie in their room and we watched a movie in our room. We ended up giving in to the jetlag and falling asleep. I awoke suddenly and went into the living room to see what time it was and what the kids were doing. I found my kids sitting on the couch…Joshua scissors in hand and Emma Grace happy to be getting attention. I shrieked in horror to find a pile of beautiful hair on the couch! This was Joshua’s proud creation The picture doesn’t really do it justice. Joshua’s reply when asked what prompted him to do this? “It was just too long!” Yes, it was. Long and beautiful. I haven’t figured out how to fix it. If I were to cut it even to the shortest strands, it would be above her shoulders, just below her ears. I just can’t bring myself to do it! I’m not sure what I’ll do…

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