Ingredients To The Perfect Laundry Day…

Since we don’t own a dryer at the moment, I rely on the sun to dry my laundry. I feel I’ve become an expert at spotting the perfect laundry day. Here are a few key ingredients.

1. A washer with a timer! I love my washer! I can put my clothes in the night before, set the timer, and they are ready by the time I wake up. It’s a novel invention and one I feel I can’t live without at this season.

2. A good clothes line. This stand alone holds a whole load of laundry!

3. Mother Nature’s cure for the rainy day blues – sunshine!

4. A couple of little helpers! They may be small but their help is valued!

So if any of you were the least bit curious at spotting the perfect laundry day, I hope that I have been of some assistance! 🙂

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