Pretty Pinwheels!

With spring fast approaching (well, not for my northern hemisphere friends!), we decided to make pinwheels! I got the idea from Kaboose but changed it up a bit. For the Kaboose directions click here. Here’s what we did:

sticks or pencils (I think the pinwheel actually moves better using pencils.)
Paper – white card stock, construction paper or copy paper
push pins
crayons, markers, paints, stickers – anything to decorate with!

1. I had the kids go gather sticks to use (instead of pencils). This got them outside and added extra fun to the project!

2. I cut pieces of white card stock to 8.5″ X 8.5″ square. Then I put the ruler diagonally across and drew lines with a pencil 5 in. long starting at the corner and going towards the center. Do this for all corners. This leaves a spot in the middle.

3. Then I cut the lines I drew. Using a small hole punch or even the pins make holes in the corners and center as seen in my picture.

4. Then let the kids decorate both sides.

5. After they are finished, match the holes up, stick a push pin through and stick in the stick or pencil.

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