Highlights Of The 2008 YWAM South Africa Staff Conference…

Well, all the prep from the last 3 months paid off! The conference was a success! We survived, learned a lot in the process, and are now happy it’s over so we can rest! Despite all the work, we are glad we did it. Here are some highlights:

  • Our staff! We couldn’t have done it without them. They worked hard and pushed to the end. It was truly a team effort. We also had volunteers from YWAM Minnesota that worked in the kitchen the whole time. Thanks guys!
  • The food! YWAM has a reputation for not having the best of food but Brian and Trish Dobson did an amazing job planning a tasty menu!
  • All the buzz…we’re not used to having over 200 people walking the grounds but the activity was really great!
  • The commissioning of our team and the words spoken over us. To have all these people praying over us and what God is doing in our region of SA was more powerful than I think I can imagine.
  • Jeremy and David Song leading 2 sessions of worship. They really ushered in the presence of the Lord and got everyone dancing and praising!
  • The connections that were happening between everyone. There’s already a kindred spirit being fellow YWAMers but to see people from different places getting to know each other was awesome!
  • Hosting Sarah Lanier in our home. She was the main speaker for the conference and the author of Foreign to Familiar. We really enjoyed chatting with her, picking her brain on being cross-cultural, and talking about all of our mutual friends.
  • Hearing people say how we worked as a team, how they felt welcomed, and how everything was so organized. Teamwork and hospitality are part of our core values so to hear that was very encouraging. And the organization bit…well, for those that know me, you know that it speaks to my administrative heart!

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