DTS Begins January 10th!

Our DTS staff of 4 have been busy preparing for the DTS. Interviews with potential African students, scheduling speakers, praying for the students, to name a few things. Please continue to pray for us as we decide which students to accept. We have interviewed a total of 9 African students. We encourage them to pay what they can but we are also looking for sponsors. $2500 will allow one person to go through the school, go on outreach, pay for their books, as well as a passport. This is an incredible opportunity for these guys to grow in their walk with God as they are challenged to see the needs in their own country and respond. If you want to help sponsor a student for this lifechanging opportunity, please email me at

We’ve also seen the walls of the classroom go up right before our eyes! It will be a nice open air classroom for those extremely hot summers! The school starts January 10th and ends May 30th. If you know of anyone who is interested, they can email us at Downloadable apps can be found at our website,

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