In Thinking Of Next Year…

…we had to make a decision on Joshua’s schooling. The options were homeschooling or the government primary school. We turned in his application for the primary school the day before the deadline, thinking that he probably wouldn’t get in because we were so late and the english classes fill up quickly. But, a week and a half later, his acceptance letter arrived. I felt like he had applied for college waiting to hear if he got in!

Yesterday we went to the open day at Laerskool Wivrivier (White River Primary). I was encouraged that a pastor delivered the speech at the assembly, exhorting the parents to follow Jesus and set good examples because the kids are learning from us. And we even prayed at the end. I guess in my American mind, this is so unheard of in public schools, that it took me by a pleasant surprise.

As the kids went to decorate cupcakes, the parents mingled over tea and coffee. It was nice to see some familiar faces from Joshua’s current school. I know it will also be nice for Joshua to have his familiar friends continuing on their journey to the “big” school.

We bought his Friday uniform (the rest we have to purchase at a local shop in town) which he proudly came home and changed into. I hope his excitement lasts far into the school year! What am I going to do with both kids in school next year? Oh, yeah, I’m going to lead a DTS!

Zach and Anneke, Arielle and Zoe arrived tonight! We are so excited to spend the next couple of weeks with them. I’m sure you will see lots of photos of all the cousins together!

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