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Knitting First Fruits

As I’ve began my knitting adventure, I’ve tried to practice and keep it small. I feel like I’m learning another language – knit, purl, cast on, increase, decrease… Not to mention reading the instructions to make something! But I always love a challenge so I’m enjoying myself in the process.

I decided to make something small as my first practice. Scarves for Joshua and Emma Grace’s little friends! Although, Joshua is far more confident in my newfound hobby expecting a matching sweater and hat!

My next venture will be a knit hat for Emma Grace and myself. I found the cutest pattern. I can’t wait to try it out! If you’re interested in knitting, I’m sure there’s several books out there if you don’t have a personal teacher. However, I found Leigh Ann Berry’s The Basics of Knitting very helpful! The instructions are easy to understand and there’s also diagrams so you can make sure you’re right on track.

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