Relational Connecting

So the biggest reason we journeyed back to the states for these past 3 weeks was to attend the first annual Growth Resourcing Group (GRG) retreat. GRG apostolically oversees our team on the ground in South Africa. They have been a huge blessing and support to us and coming back for this event felt like coming home to family. The retreat was awesome and our whole team agreed that the “real” connections that were happening made the long trek from Africa worth it.

connect :: bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established

Our friends, Jonathan and Christa Reuel, hauled these amazing paintings from Virginia all the way to Texas. Christa is an artist and painted these just for the event. They were displayed throughout the weekend on the easels. On the last day we took the 12 easels outside with the paintings. The easels represented the 12 tribes of Israel and as we put the paintings together, they showed all the groups represented – Texas, Romania, South Africa, Virginia, and Indiana. It was really awesome to think of the worldwide connections that were being made all weekend and then to see it displayed in this beautiful piece of art.

Praise God for these times when we come and get refreshed and connect with those friends and family who so faithfully support us in this ministry God has called us to!

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