The Tailless Whip Scorpion

Just a couple of nights before we left for the states, I went in to my bedroom to go to sleep. Jeremy and Zach were at the movies, and I was the only one in the house awake. As I went in to my room, I spotted this right above my pillow:

It freaked me out just a lot and sent chills running down my spine. I would have screamed except the thought of waking the kids suppressed it. I didn’t know what the thing was or the correct way to remove it from it’s perch above my head. Not wanting to kill a living thing, I decided to get a cup. My master plan was to somehow get it into the cup and take it outside to live where it should be. As I returned to the room with the cup and saw the speed at which it moved, I quickly ditched the master plan and went to plan B – bug spray. Chills running through my body, I approached it and sprayed. Sure enough it curled up and died, it’s underbody looking like this:

I had no idea what this thing was and took photos just so I could look it up later. Turns out it’s a tailless whip scorpion or another name would be a tailless spider. I guess they are completely harmless to humans. Oops! I would have never guessed that looking at those pinchers. If you want to read more about this arachnid, visit here.

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