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Yesterday we had a Christmas party with the kids in Mbonisweni. It was a celebration of the birth Jesus with lunch, cake, balloon animals, face painting, and gifts! (Again a HUGE thanks to Coca-Cola and FUMC Olton and Littlefield!)

At first I thought, “Why do we have to do this on Christmas Eve? I mean, can’t I have a day off and spend this holiday with my family?” And then it hit me. How selfish could I be? Isn’t Christmas about giving? Sure, we give gifts to one another but isn’t it about so much more? I mean Jesus came to this earth and gave his life. Surely He deserves mine.

Seeing Emma Grace, in all her precious 4-year-oldness, painting faces and handing out gifts blessed me beyond words. I want so much for my kids to understand that life is about giving of yourself. And especially this Christmas season to understand that it’s not about the toys you get but about something so much bigger.

As you spend time with your family this Christmas season, amidst all the wrapping paper and bows, remember to take the time to pause and reflect on why we celebrate this special holiday and the importance of giving of ourselves to bless others.

By the way, over 100 kids were blessed with gifts. So glad that we could help put a smile on their faces this Christmas season.

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