Beautiful Artwork

We recently went out to eat as a family. Joshua picked the place…Panarotti’s for some pizza and pasta! We enjoyed conversation and crayons! The kids both drew fantastic pictures and there was something about each one that struck me.

Emma Grace, in all her sweetness, drew a picture of me and her next to a tree. Oh, and the animal? That’s a cat. There’s a story behind that one. Not too long ago, the neighbor’s cat wondered into our yard. This is a big deal because, here in Africa, the yards are fenced in on all sides with a big gate. So Emma Grace decided that this was HER cat. She named it and everything, and every time we go to the grocery store she informs me that we need to buy cat food. So now we joke about “her cat.”

Joshua paid much attention to detail drawing a little bird in his tree. He loves to draw and is much like me…loving the details.

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