When There’s No Water, Use Buckets!

Sometimes you face situations that are frustrating, and you just have to laugh in the face of it and know that memories are being created! We have 59 short-termers at the moment and they are learning to do just that! On University Village we pump our water from a canal. If the pump is working okay, then there’s no problems really. Well, the other day we ran out of water so we had someone come out and look at the pump. “Works great!” they said. So what could be the problem other than, no…it couldn’t be! Something wrong with the canal? That would be crazy. It supplies water to many places along Plaston Road! Sure enough they shut the canal down to work on it. We somehow missed that friendly bit of information due to the fact that they didn’t have our phone number. A simple drive to our property would have been sufficient! This is one of those situations where we have to say T-I-A, baby! Translation: This Is Africa!

The simple solution is for our short-termers to do a little dip in the pool and then some hair washing in buckets (we do have one outside tap that has water). Hey, it’s outreach, right? In Thailand, we bathed in the river!

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