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Happy Valentine’s Day!

So I had high hopes of the kids and I making Valentine’s crafts this year. But with us going away for 5 days and then coming back to busyness (more on that later), it just didn’t happen. My top crafting picks? Hearts made out of crayons and wax paper, sweet little knit love birds, and let’s not forget baked goodies! I’ll just have to save them for next year.

On a sweet, family note…we’ve been having special family fun time right before bedtime involving giggling, tickling, wrestling, reading, praying, and lots of hugging and kissing. The other night Jeremy and I declared, “Love sandwich!” I said to Emma G, “You guys are the peanut butter and jelly!” She said, “No, I’m the tomato and Joshua is the salad!” From a girl who lives on PB&J, I was shocked to hear this news! Now if I could just get her to eat tomato and salad sandwiches!

love sandwich

Wishing you with your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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