Questions, Questions, Anyone Have Questions?

I find that I always seem to have something to write about. From my kids to African animals or reptiles… From ministry to how to get crayon marks off of walls… It seems there’s never a dull moment! Either that or I just blog about EVERYTHING we do! My kids can’t even sneeze without me snapping a photo! What can I say? I love photos and I love blogging. The two just seem to flow together. But after reading a post by Nina in Portugal, she inspired me to ask a question. The question is…do anyone of YOU have questions?

You know, like do we live in a grass hut?
Have we ever seen a black mamba?
What is it like to be a foreigner living in the land?
Do we have grocery stores, malls, and banks?
Running water?
Want to know more about what in the world we do?
Daily schedule?
Do lions roam wild?

Anything, really. And you can be anonymous if you feel that question you’re dying to know just might be a little embarrassing should the general public find out. Ok, I’m looking forward to those questions. Whether long or short, silly or serious. I want to hear from YOU, my readers! This will be fun!

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