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Say Again!?


With Joshua Emma and Grace going to school, they are not only learning a bit of Afrikaans but also english word choices that are a bit different than what I’m used to growing up in my American culture. Let me show you just what I mean:

  • Instead of crooked…it’s skew.
  • Eraser…rubber. (Ok, now stop laughing, my American friends!)
  • Bathing suit…swimming costume.
  • Bad…naughty. (They are always quick to name all the naughty kids at school…they are never on the list!)
  • Pick up (like from school)…fetch.
  • Traffic light…robot.
  • Trash can…dust bin.
  • Trash…rubbish.

I know there’s more that are slipping my mind. Joshua always corrects me when I don’t use the right word choice or when I mispronounce a word (in my American accent vs. the South African accent). I just wonder how he will sound when he’s an adult!

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