Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Fun!

We’re almost halfway through the lecture phase of the DTS. I can’t believe it! As a staff, we really felt we needed to take the students for some NSF (that’s what we call non-stop fun in these parts!) God wants us to kick back and have fun every once in a while! It’s good for us.

after the slide


So we decided to take them to Forever Resorts in Badplaas for the day. It was awesome! We went on Friday and I actually let Joshua skip school so he could come with me (man, he scored!) It was a great break! The students were very thankful (it was a heavy week with Nature and Character of God teachings) and had a blast.

mommy and son

down the slide

into the water

After lunch, my 31 year old stomach wasn’t quite ready to brave the slides like Joshua (there were many other pools but we happily spent most of our time at the slides), so I found a nice little spot in the shade to watch him zip down! It gave me an opportunity to start the second half of my mystery project!

mystery project knitting

I’m always challenged by making sure we are not just getting the job done but also caring for people in the process. It is so important!

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