Wedding Preparations Invoke Community

Saturday we attended Marguerite and Erik’s wedding. Marguerite is my sister-in-law’s sister who we’ve known for several years since our YWAM Tyler days. At Zach and Anneke’s wedding (Jeremy’s brother), I witnessed family coming together to create a spectacular setting. It was no different with this wedding. The preparations began long before, carefully making each item to the bride’s liking. It was amazing to see the family chipping in to make it so beautiful. With fresh flowers, beads, feathers, candles, petals, it was amazing. Just look at the beauty!

The girl’s dresses made by the mother of the bride…

flower girl

flower girl

The beautiful flower bouquet’s made by my sister-in-law…

flower bouquet

bridal bouquet

The table decorating, candle placement, light stringing done by aunts, uncles, cousins, friends…
(each serviette holder was hand beaded)



table listings

Gifts for the guests carefully stuffed by ouma (grandma)…

thank you for guests

I know most of you don’t know the bride and groom but I was so blessed by the beauty of it, that I wanted to share with you in hopes you would also be blessed. I think it’s also a beautiful example of one of the meanings of community. Coming together as one and giving of yourself to bless others. The result is simply beautiful

*One more wedding post coming tomorrow! I just love weddings!

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