Blooms That Provide Nourishment

The other day I was struck with all the beautiful blooms that produce fruit and vegetables. Aren’t they just amazingly beautiful!?

the granadilla bloom
granadilla bloom
The main producers of the granadilla are Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, and Kenya. My American friends, the only way you will find this gem of a fruit is if it’s imported. Not sure if it will quite taste the same.
the sunflower bloom
sunflower bloom
Sunflowers most commonly grow to heights between 2.5 and 3.5 m (8-12 ft). Wow! They are native to the Americas but grow just about anywhere if they have their secret ingredient – SUN!

the okra bloom
okra bloom
Also known as ladyfinger or gumbo, this plant is in the same family as cocoa, hibiscus, and cotton. I didn’t know that!

the brinjal bloom
brinjal bloom
Also known as eggplant or aubergine, these interesting plants are native to India and Sri Lanka. They are actually classified as a fruit, specifically in the berry family. My favorite way to eat these fruits are in eggplant parmesan!

the butternut bloom
butternut bloom
I have come to love butternut! A very popular use here in South Africa is butternut soup! It is great roasted as well. It tastes much like pumpkin. We even used it for pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving dessert this year!

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