Finding A Little Green…

As I’ve read about the long winter that seems to drag on for most of my friends, I feel inclined to show a little green as a reminder that there is another season coming! Oh, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day which shouts GREEN!

the praying mantis who found a nice spot on our wall for a couple of days
fyi…don’t pick one of these up…
praying mantis

letting my feet soak in the cool, green grass while the sun warms my toes
and offers a darker shade to my very white legs
in the cool green grass

cactus at the botanical gardens
lovely to look at…not so lovely to touch
cactus at the botanical gardens

the south african flag…although there is not one set meaning to the green “y,”
some speculations say it represents unity of all the races coming together.
as you can see by the flag, south africa is aptly named the rainbow nation.
south african flag

Found any green on this St. Patty’s day?

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