Greeted By Name

The other day I went into the local bank to make a deposit. Before I said anything, the lovely lady behind the counter greeted me, “Hello, Mrs. Price.” (Ok, now I feel a bit old!) It immediately made me smile that she knew my name (although it shouldn’t be too much of a shock…between personal and ministry I’m in there a lot!) I left pondering why it was so much of a shock to me that she greeted me by name.

Living in a land bound by fear, I guess it shouldn’t be too shocking. No home is complete without an alarm system, security gates, razor wire. That paints the picture that it’s like a prison. Not quite but you find that security here is a necessity…not a bonus.

Joshua has often asked why we don’t know our neighbors. Everyone just opens their nice gate, drives in, and then locks their door behind them. You don’t see your neighbors outside a lot. (Big change from when we lived in Connecticut.) I think it’s sad, actually. Maybe that’s why when I’m greeted by name, it throws me for a loop. It also makes me want to make more of an effort to live in love, not fear and to wear a smile on my face.

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