Mystery Project Revealed

19,848 stitches later (that’s approximate, of course) I am finished with my mystery project! I’m sure the suspense has been killing you, right!? Well…Courtney was right! It is a dress for my little girl! I used the Lion Brand pattern for the sun top and just added more length to make it a dress. It’s a nice light cotton that won’t be too hot for the African sun. I think it will make a lovely Easter dress. I was a little worried that all my time investment would be wasted as Emma Grace is very picky about her clothes. She did complain that she wanted sleeves, but once I got it on her she scampered off, a happy child. YES!

havin a look

no more pictures

walking with style

The next project is already on the needles. Hmmm…I wonder what it is?

a knit gift

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