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So the other day Jeremy and I went to see Marley And Me in the theater. I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t that come out like 3 months ago!? Well, yes, but you see sometimes we get movies just a little bit later… Anyway, I really liked it. Clean, funny, sweet. By the end, I was crying. Sorry, if you haven’t seen it, because I’m about to ruin the ending for you. Marley, who is played by a very cute dog, is coined as the “World’s Worst Dog.” He chews up everything and is very mischievous. I am not at all a dog person (or even an animal person for that matter) but by the end I was crying that Marley died. Leaving the movie, I thought, “Wow, those are some good writers to be able to write a story about a dog and let a non-dog person become so emotional and caught up in the story.” Definitely a must see!

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