My Hair Dare Do

Just in the knick of time, I got a new do for Stonefox’s Hair Dare! I have been thinking about my new do for a couple of months now, driving my husband absolutely crazy! I knew I wanted it cut shorter but to make a decision on how? That’s where my indecisiveness always comes in. I’m not particular and it’s just hair so it will always grow back. But when the hairdresser asks me how I want it cut…that’s when my words fumble.

I decided this time to buy a hair magazine. Why didn’t I do that like several years ago?! Now I have a resource to look through every time this decision needs to be made. Although, I’m the type that goes to the salon 2, maybe 3 times a year. And the in-between, growing out stage that just seems unmanageable…well, that’s when my husband gets to (wink) listen to my rantings and ravings about how my hair is driving me crazy. Why do I do that to him!?

I finally went to the salon the other day and got my new do. Drinking my cappuccino, I was thinking, “Why can’t I bottle this shampoo smell and sell it for $2?” It’s like every salon has that awesome smelling shampoo that, should you so choose, will drain your wallet of $20. It’s a tease, I tell you. Without further ado, here’s the before and after pics (taken by my husband, we had a little fun with the after pics)…

before :: gazing through the window
gazing out the window

after :: at the restaurant table
at the table with my new do

after :: reading the menu
reading the menu with my new do

after :: reading a book
reading a book with my new do

I’m definitely liking my new do. Short (and sassy) is the way for me!

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