Day 1 :: The Mzungus Have Arrived!

Despite our hectic day before flying out, we managed to get our passports and get on the plane destined for Entebbe. Lots of reading and airplane knitting on the 4 hour flight! We landed without a hitch and met our driver for the 4 hour journey to Jinja.

taxi rink

Driving through the streets and cities of Uganda, I tried desperately to take in the sights and smells of this new land. I was amazed at the life after dark. Beauty salons and barber shops still chopping hair at 9 PM! Yes, this was such a foreign place compared to S. Africa whose night life consists of being at home, gates locked, alarm set, and early to bed.

A stop at a roadside stand to eat a rolex for dinner made me cautious. I usually opt to never eat from a street vendor, especially on a 6 day trip. But this chapati, egg, tomato, and cabbage mouthful of greasy deliciousness went down without a hitch!

eating a rolex

We were so excited to be in Jinja and be with the team. They painted us signs and waited up until we arrived. I love those guys!

welcome signs

No morning coffee, cold showers, mosquito nets…yes, definitely on outreach!

mosquito net

*Mzungu is white man in Lugandan.

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