Day 2 :: On The Streets Of Jinja

walking the streets of jinja

A morning of prayer and then out on the town! Knowing we didn’t have much time in Uganda, we took the time to shop for the kid’s souvenirs. We also visited one of the team’s hot spots, Indulge. Always nice to have something familiar in a faraway land! And, I picked up a little something for my next giveaway. Stay tuned!

shopping in jinja

Walking through the streets, I realized it had been so long since I stepped foot in a third world nation. There was something refreshing about it. Seeing a totally different world than my own always puts things into perspective for me. And I love just being able to mingle with the people and check out some of the culture. Visiting local shops is actually a GREAT way to mingle. People ask what an American is doing in Uganda and it’s an automatic open door!

people on the town

We spent the evening eating the cookies and macaroons the kids and I baked for the team and watching TV on DVD in our room. All 10 of us gathered around our computer! We came to be a refreshment to the team so these little acts can go a long way in bringing that!

bikes in jinja

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