Going To Hong Kong

After this weekend, it is going to be extremely quiet around here. The students leave tomorrow (sniff, sniff) and Jeremy leaves today for Hong Kong! I don’t like it when he has to travel without me (especially when it’s a place I’ve never been!) but he has a great opportunity to go and share what Ten Thousand Homes is doing here in Africa.

One of our good friends works on the planning staff for Call2All. She first pitched the idea of going to attend this event that brings together thousands of Christian leaders in one room. Here’s a little about it taken from their website:

Call2All Global Congresses are designed to bring together Christian leaders from across the world to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Network: Form a cohesive global network to work in synergy to complete the Great Commission
  • Train: Help the Body of Christ around the world cross-pollinate and share best methods and practices with each other
  • Focus: To use a common global map to identify the greatest needs and win the least reached

Thousands of Christian leaders from 239 nations have been invited, and guess what? This year one of the 7 themes is a compassion theme. Jeremy and his compadre, David Song, will be going and mixing with these leaders and sharing about how they can get involved and what Ten Thousand Homes is doing to care for orphans and widows.

Please pray for their trip! Events such as these help so much to bring awareness and action and cause churches and individuals to rise up and do what they can to bring hope to these kids.

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