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This is a hard post to write. Even though I’ve lived here for 2 years now, some things are still shocking and unbelievable to me. But I write this because the children of Africa need your prayers. As we strive to train up children of the Light, there is an enemy at work scheming evil plans for these very kids.

kids in a tree

Through our friends living in the communities, we’ve heard about the atrocities done to the kids. Murders and rapes happening frequently, going unreported. The sangomas (witch doctors) are casting awful spells on the doorstops of homes, and three days later the people are dead.

hands and smiles

Just two days ago, a young three-year-old girl was found wandering the streets of Kabokweni. Our friend, Elizabeth, found her and took her to the clinic. Upon examination, they discovered she had been raped and abused. Three years old! It makes my stomach hurl and causes emotions to rise up. Upon further questioning, it was discovered that these atrocities were done to her by her uncle and her drunk mother just lets it happen. Thankfully, Elizabeth has taken her in for the time being and is caring for her.

group of kids

This time of year things always seem to get a little bit out of sorts. In August, the circumcision camps start happening, but activity starts stirring right about now. The camps are awful. Young, teenage boys and girls taken, usually against their will, to these camps. Young boys, many of who are already sexually active, being circumcised with the same knife.


So this post is a plea for your prayers for the kids. Please pray for the young girl walking down the street. Please pray for these warriors of Light to be protected against the enemy. Can you imagine these smiling faces violated in such a way by the enemy?

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