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Father’s Day Crafting

As with any celebration, there had to be some crafting going on! The kids made their sweet homemade cards with their special touches.

spider man


This is Emma G reminiscing last year’s Father’s Day daddy/daughter brunch.

daddy and emma grace

Emma Grace’s words…mommy’s handwriting.

i love you!

The timing of Jeremy going to Hong Kong was perfect because I was able to do some special knitting! Jeremy has let it be known for some time that he hadn’t received any knits from me. Poor guy! He really wanted some fingerless gloves. You might remember me talking about it in this post. The pattern I started with did not make any sense after I finished the cuff. Maybe more experienced knitters can understand it. My solution was to stop, take a day off from it, and find a new pattern. Knucks were the answer and new pattern of choice! I love them! And Jeremy did, too!

fingerless gloves

fingerless gloves

I also made him a Snappy Hat. I love the cabling in this one.

jeremy's father's day hat

Now I know it’s hard to wrap your head around this kind of gift for Father’s Day, but being that it was the first day of winter in our hemisphere, I think it was just perfect!

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