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Have you ever listened to someone’s story and thought, “How much can happen to one person?” That’s what I was thinking when I listened to Busi’s story. This little 10-year-old has been through so much and her story is more than heartbreaking.

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Her mom passed away when she was just 5 years old, leaving her in the care of her auntie, a drunk. Everyday, as she walked to school, her stepfather would spot her and call her to his house. What went on behind closed doors is atrocious. Repeatedly raping her and paying her for it. It’s sick and breaks my heart. This only stopped when the man passed away 2 years ago.


As her aunt received grant money for Busi being an orphan, she spent it on alcohol, and lived in a state of drunkenness. Her aunt’s boyfriend started abusing her sexually and her aunt abused her physically. If Busisiwe didn’t wash the cloth diapers, she got beat with a wooden spoon.

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Eventually she stopped coming to the feeding program in Kabokweni. This alarmed the volunteers, so they went to the aunt’s house to see why. The aunt had refused to let her come to the feeding program and she had even stopped going to school. They got her back in school and removed her from the home. This was only one month ago. She now lives with a different aunt in a good situation, but she is suffering from the affects of all the atrocities done to her.

She is very scared of men. I went to pat her on the head and as soon as I raised my arm, she flinched. This girl needs your prayers! They are looking into getting her counseling and switching her grant money to go to her. Please pray for restoration; pray that she finds joy and hope.

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