Weekend Activities


Saturday morning was a real treat for the parents of the Price family. We got to sleep in. This never happens where we both sleep in. The kids got up, put on a movie turned down low, got themselves breakfast, and made a craft. It was so nice!

They found some empty toilet paper rolls in their craft basket and painted them for binoculars. I love creativity at work! Emma Grace brought hers with on our Saturday outing. I think she was hoping for a safari!

spotting something

looking at mommy

We had already decided to go to a local White River hotspot, Casterbridge, to find some local honey, so once the parents got moving we headed out on our 10 minute drive. We found the local honey, visited the shops, and stopped in for milkshakes and cool drinks.

sipping coffee

sipping vanilla milkshake

sipping mango juice

Relaxed weekends are so nice! Hope yours was also wonderful!

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