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The other day I noticed that most of my posts lately have had the label “ministry” attached to them. I want this blog to reflect my life, and “ministry” is definitely a part of my life. I try to blog about several aspects of my life and not just the ministry side, but there’s been so much to write about lately! It makes me sit back and say, “Wow! God you are doing something here!”

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Sometimes, no, actually many times, you look around and get overwhelmed with the number of orphans who need care and all the work that needs to be done. If you’re not careful, you end up doing nothing. We always tell ourselves that we must do what we can, even if it’s one child at a time.

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And then we get these moments where we sit back, and realize God is doing so much through willing hearts! Just 2 weeks ago, we started feeding about 85 children in a community called Dwaleni. We had a team here from the states who brought the Gospel message through drama and dance. Not only did they receive physical nourishment but they received spiritual nourishment! not touch

In just 2 years of living here, feeding programs are going strong in 3 communities, reaching around 300 kids weekly. One child at a time…growing to hundreds…and thousands…

Praise be to Jesus!

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