Random Staff Shots

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in photography mode is to take random photos without the person ever knowing it. You capture so much more heart and expression! I’m unofficially the TTH photographer now (just takes a quality camera and a willingness!) The fun thing for me is I get to go and visit and the projects and snap away. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable for me! I’ve also used this opportunity to take photos of our staff in action. These are some of my favorites.

Amanda was having lots of fun spinning this little girl around.
twirling around

Mangaliso, throwing this little girl in the air.
fun and laughter

Ryan, studying this boy, as he studied Ryan’s necklace.

Brittany, bringing smiles and laughter to little Khethiwe.
creating smiles

Sweet little, Zoe, brings smiles to this little boy’s face.
sweet interaction

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