Tender Treasure :: Bheki


Bheki, a 17 year old boy in grade 10, had to forgo the normal childhood activities most young boys would enjoy to become the man of the house. His father disappeared when he was a baby, leaving him with his mom, a non-working single mom who spends most of her days in a drunken stupor.

This stress has definitely had its effect on Bheki. With no regular income, food is scarce. Can you imagine going to school on an empty stomach? Concentration becomes extremely difficult. Praise God he can get a hot meal 3 days a week at the Kabokweni feeding program.


When we asked how we could help Bheki’s situation, the answer was definitely for his mom. She needs prayer! Prayer to stop drinking and find a job. The volunteers have tried on occasion to meet with her, but she doesn’t show up. Pray that she would have the strength to fight the urges to drink to drunkenness. And pray for Bheki, that he would find his hope in Jesus and not follow in his mother’s footsteps.

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