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sweet smile

Lebo, what a sweet, giggly little ball of cuteness! It’s hard to imagine that just a couple of months ago, this little girl was found wandering the streets of Kabokweni. Hearing her smiles and seeing her laughter, I would have no idea that her home situation was so hopeless.

silly lebo

Her father abandoned the family several years ago. Being the youngest of her siblings, she was often overlooked by her mom, going without food and baths. She was allowed to walk the streets of Kabokweni unsupervised.

Playful Lebo

HIV positive, Lebo is often sick, raising concern among the volunteers that she is being properly cared for. Among a seemingly hopeless situation, we have seen hope! One of the volunteers cares for Lebo during the day and makes regular visits to her home to check on her and her family. They supply food for her and her family and have seen Lebo’s home situation improve. Please continue to pray for Lebo. Pray for her health, her family, and continued provision for meds and food.

playful lebo

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