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Lifalakhe is a 10 year old boy who comes regularly to the Kabokweni drop-in center. The volunteers of the drop-in center visit the kids in their homes as a part of caring for them and making sure they are being properly cared for. Even though both of his parents are living, he has been orphaned by abandonment.

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Twenty five years ago, a heinous crime took place. Was it rage? Hatred? Evil plans prevailed and Lifalakhe’s father murdered his own father. After his father was jailed, the government concluded that Lifalakhe was considered an orphan. His grant money started rolling in, only his mother took the money and ran away.

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Lifalakhe was sent to live with his grandmother, a good woman but unable to provide much food for the family. For 3 months now, a social worker has been trying to switch the grant money from the mother to the grandmother. Please pray for this to happen soon!

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Lifalakhe struggles socially. He’s mean to the other kids, often biting, hitting, and stealing pencils. It reminds me of the tragic cycle that seems to play out in these kid’s lives. Although I haven’t quite figured out the timeline of how long the father has been in jail with Lifalakhe only 10 years old, one thing I do know. He needs our prayers! I see him as a boy struggling to deal with abandonment. His way of coping is trying to get attention in ways that hurt others. Pray that Lifalakhe would feel God’s love and hope in his life and be a boy who follows hard after his Maker.

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