My Birthday Fun

my flower

Can I just say…I love my birthday! I hope that doesn’t sound selfish, but I do! I actually just love birthdays in general. I love making someone feel loved and special on their day. So when it’s my day, it’s extra fun for me! My kids also really get into it, making me special drawings, repeatedly telling me happy birthday, and telling everyone else it’s my birthday. They are so sweet. They couldn’t wait to give me my personalized art, so they begged to give it to me the night before. Joshua got extra creative putting a message after every bit that I unfolded. My favorite…Mommy, you rock!

my birthday cards

This year I got treated by Lindsey to my second ever pedicure! Boy, was it nice! An hour long pampering and who wouldn’t love the end results? Soft feet and pretty toes!

my pedicure

While I anxiously awaited the arrival of my husband from the US of A, Anneke and I went for coffee. I love coffee chats!

My wonderful husband, despite arriving jetlagged, made sure that my day was great. And my wonderful friends put together a great party! My request was cream cheese icing. It was wonderful on that chocolate cake! Just a word of advice…if you are going for a surprise party, don’t tell Rich! 🙂

happy birthday jen

jen is the coolest

jen is amazing

Since Jeremy was gone most of my actual birthday, we continued the celebrations on Saturday by going for lunch at a cafe. The kids enjoyed the playground afterwards, and I enjoyed my new yarn and project!

smelling the flowers


emma g

purple project

Yes, it was a great birthday indeed!

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