What Is A Home?

After the tragedy last week, this question came up as we began to process what happened. What was a home turned into a house when the mom died. Am I making sense? A house is a physical structure that we live in. But a home is made up of love, nurture, fun, joy, relationship, and much more! Often the parents are the ones that set the tone. But what about a home without children?


How do we maintain or implement home with a group of kids who have suffered so much loss? What is our role, as a ministry, in creating home for these children? We strongly believe that home is more than 4 walls a roof…

having fun

The day Mimi died, 2 of our staff went to the kids house to spend the night with them so they weren’t alone. Seeing that there is no food in the house, we’ve made regular trips to bring them food. Our staff, along with their local pastor, have made many trips just to check on them and make sure they are ok. These are little things but I think they are a start. To show these kids they are not alone or forgotten. I long to see those smiles return to their faces after such a horrible tragedy.

the boys

I can’t say that we’ve figured all this out, but these are questions that we are repeatedly asking ourselves. The need is great and we must take it one small step at a time. One thing I do know, though, is you can never show too much love…

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