A Baby Story


Five years ago today a beautiful girl made her entrance into this world. But it wasn’t just any entrance. No, this princess needed it to be grand. Grand enough to say, “I’m here everybody!” So her mommy labored through the night and by morning, it was decided to call the midwife.

happy parents

Not thinking the mommy sounded far enough along, the midwife sent her to the clinic to be checked before going to the hospital. Upon arrival, the mommy only remembers a blur of activity. “You’re fully dilated. This baby is coming now.” “Anything to break the water?” “Here’s a long pair of scissors.” “PUSH!” And there you have it. Ten minutes after arriving at the clinic, Emma Grace Price was born. The first baby born at that clinic in Cheshire, CT.

happy daddy

But the story doesn’t stop there. You see, 33 years ago today, a baby boy also made his entrance into this world. Not just any boy. A boy who would later grow up to be this princess’ daddy.

A very happy birthday to my beautiful daughter
and my wonderful husband today!

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