Tour Guide Destination :: The Waterfront

on the bridge

Next stop on the tour is the Waterfront! I really love this place because there’s so much to do. A huge mall with lots of shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and an indoor craft market. Venture outside and you will be within walking distance to the Robben Island tour and The Two Oceans Aquarium. If you prefer a leisurely look around, you will find…



dancing on the dock



Lots and lots of boats!

checking out the boats

the spirit of victoria

The distance to almost any major city in the world.


Shops where you can buy a life size beaded buffalo!

checking out the buffalo

Families having a good time.

family shot

checking out the seal


Beautiful sunsets on the water.

sunset on the waterfront

Not to mention fabulous restaurants in any flavor your palate is in the mood for, haagan daz ice cream, and live music. And if all that activity makes you weary, you can sit on the benches, enjoying the refreshing breeze off the ocean and the sounds of birds flying overhead.


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