Africa Fun

Leopard Creek

the house

Can you imagine sitting in your backyard watching elephant grazing on the trees?

playing with elephants?

group shot

elephant in the backyard

Or listening to the hippos bathe while sitting around the fire?

Swimming while the giraffes eat their thorny tree lunch?
swimming with giraffes

How about a kudu snacking on the leaves from the tree in your front yard?

Sharing the golf course with mischievous monkeys?
monkeys on the golf course

Watching the sunset on impalas grazing in the distance?


Yeah, I couldn’t either but that’s exactly what filled our weekend! Our friends treated ALL of us Price’s to a fun filled weekend at Leopard Creek, a beautiful place that borders Kruger National Park. It’s a golfer’s paradise with beautiful greens overlooking the game park.

golf course

It’s one of the few times I’ve come back from a vacation actually feeling rested. The kids played and swam and swam some more!

zoe and tennis

floatie muscles


waterslide together

sitting on the ledge

While the adults did this…




Thank you, Kevin and Michelle, for a GREAT weekend!

What about you? What filled your weekend?
See anything fun in your backyard? 😉

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