Providing A Safe Haven

Maria with her mother, Lucy, in front of their old house.

photo by one of the Hodge’s

If you’ve been a regular recipient of 10K Tuesdays, you might remember a prayer focus at the beginning of this year for two girls, Thusilia and Maria. A very sad story of these young ladies, 15 and 12 yrs. of age, who have no father and are trying to take care of their mother who is dying of AIDS. It’s an all too common story of children left to fend for themselves.

beginning work on the project with their old house in the background

After a visiting team heard their situation and saw their living conditions, their hearts were moved to raise money to build them a home. A place where their mother could rest peacefully at night without worrying about a leaky roof. A place where the doors locked and protected them from unwanted visitors. A place where, when their mother passes from this life, the girls will have a place that is theirs, their home.



At Ten Thousand Homes, it is so exciting for us to see people get a heart for the orphans here and then act on it. This church in New York City has invested in the lives of these girls in a way they will never forget! Thank you!


To see a slide show of more pics, including a pic of the finished house, visit here.

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