My Overloaded Brain…On Culture Shock

While I’m in S. Africa, I’m often asked, “What do you miss the most?” I always find it hard to answer and usually just say Starbuck’s coffee. It’s been almost a year since the kids and I were in the states, and I have to say my brain is on overload with all the choices! I mean it’s crazy! Let’s start with going to a restaurant. First you must decide what kind of food to eat. Then it’s the decision of which restaurant to eat at. Too many choices!

And the grocery store! Oh, those grocery stores. I go up and down the aisles in awe of everything to choose from. Insane I tell you, at least for someone who hasn’t had the many choices. But now that I’m back, I’ve realized the many familiar foods I’ve missed. Excuse me while I take a minute to highlight what I’ve missed…

big, soft, fluffy, pre-sliced bagels

extra sharp cheese on kashi crackers
cheese and crackers

orange juice with LOTS of pulp
orange juice

And I couldn’t end this post without giving a shout out to high speed internet! I blink and it’s loaded! And I can browse, look at pictures, watch videos, all without having to worry about how much data I’m using because it’s unlimited!

It’s such a weird feeling, all of this. Having culture shock in your home country. Feeling like we’re driving on the wrong side of the road, thinking I’m lifting weights every time I pour from the HUGE milk jug…I never thought I would get un-used to things in my country!

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