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We just returned from a weekend retreat in the piney woods of East Texas.  My brain is still processing a lot of things and physically I’m pretty tired, but it was an excellent weekend.  But you know what stood out to me during these few days?  As I looked around the room at the people who attended, I realized something incredible.  Gathered in that room were people from about four different seasons in my life.  People I went to high school with, people I work with in S. Africa now, my youth leader when I was a teenager, the leaders I worked with at YWAM in Tyler, TX.  And then there were people in that room who were linked to other people I knew.  Now you might not understand how incredible that is, but believe me it was. 

It makes you realize how small this world really is, how much emphasis Jesus places on relationships, and how staying connected to lasting relationships offers so much life.  I mean these people have seen my high’s and low’s, walked me through struggles, celebrated my victories, and loved me through all of it.  It was incredible to have them all in one room.  It makes chills run down my spine.

I’m still processing a lot of the weekend but one thing I’ve realized.  As I head into this next season of sabbatical, I really need to get a journal to record everything God is speaking…

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