Made My List…Checked It Twice

The list of homemade goodness for Christmas 2009 was made months ago.  As it got down to the wire, some things had to be thrown out, and some I just had to make time for because they were just too lovely to pass up.  So the kids had a mostly handmade Christmas.

You already got a sneak peek on the kid’s hats and mittens.  That was only a fraction of what I wanted to make for them.  Yes, I got a bit ambitious.  With all the traveling done lately and quiet nights in front of the tv, a lot of knitting was accomplished.

starfish cloths

Not too exciting but still fun and necessary, I made the kids knit washcloths!  Joshua got the starfish cloth (shown above…very quick and easy to knit, I might add) and Emma Grace the reverse bloom flower washcloth.  I can’t for the life of me remember where I downloaded this pattern for free, but it is just an excerpt from the book Weekend Knitting.  If the other patterns are anything like this one, the book must be good!

flower cloths

Emma G’s baby received a blanket using those flowers.

baby doll blanket

And did you know that Cabbage Patch Kid clothes must be non-existent right now?  On our little day out, we searched high and low for an outfit for her doll.  None could be found.  So what did this crafty mama do, but make her a dress.  A lovely red dress that I am so very proud of.  What was in my head actually came out on my needles!  (I am thinking these will be available in my shop sometime after Christmas.)  I had other high plans for this little doll, but they will have to wait…

flower dress
flower dress

I’ve saved my biggest projects for last.  Joshua got a sweet vest.  Simple but perfect for him. 

knitted vest

And for Emma Grace I knit Neighborly.  Not only do I love this little sweater but also the heart behind it. 


So that concludes my handmade knits for my kids.  Now I will enjoy sitting back and watching them open them!

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