Tis The Season…For Giveaways!

It’s that time of year. People are giving and buying gearing up for Christmas.  It’s crazy, right?  The madness of it all can be insane.  But in the spirit of giving, it’s nice to see some giveaways out there!  I love winning and getting something totally cool for free!  Let me show you some of the giveaways I’ve recently stumbled upon.

At Totally Together Reviews, there’s lots to choose from and definitely worth checking out!  First up is The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.  We don’t have any gluten allergies in our family but lots of people do.  Anyway, I love ANY cookbook!  Enter the giveaway by December 20th.  There’s TWO available!

Next up at Totally Together Reviews is the Tassimo Hot Beverage System.  I don’t know about you but since we are back on sabbatical, I am totally in need of a great coffee system.  Enter by December 31st.

Anyone out there trying to save money and cook on a budget?  Well, The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook would be perfect for you!  I would love to know how to feed my family for $5 or less.  There’s THREE of these babies available!  This cheap giveaway ends January 1st.

I’ve saved the best for last.  Now I’m a Mac girl BUT with homeschooling adventures just around the corner, we would really like a computer for the kids.  So I’m not going to be picky.  So that’s why I entered for an HP TouchSmartComputer.  It’s got lots of great features.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.   Giveaway ends December 24th.

All of these giveaways are available over at Totally Together Reviews.  Go check it out!

And let’s not forget that Cozy Giveaway going on right here!  I’ll pick a winner tonight at 9 PM CST.

cozy giveaway

Before I leave, one more tidbit of info for you.  You can now buy my Creativity Calendar on Amazon!  That’s right!  So as you’re browsing over there, be sure to add one to your shopping cart!

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