Counting The Cost

I have been so excited about this sabbatical (probably because I really needed one!) but now I’m actually starting to “count the cost.”  I know it sounds weird and confusing.  You see, life doesn’t stop just because the Price’s aren’t there.  It goes on.  And it MUST go on.  It NEEDS to go on.  But now I’m starting to realize what I’m missing out on. 

Our third and largest DTS started on Sunday.  This school is like my baby.  I love discipleship and I love working with the students that come.  I handed the school over to some wonderful and capable leaders but I still feel like I’m missing out!  I communicated with a lot of these students before I handed it over, and I will more than likely not meet them.  This is so strange for me!

dts 2010 staff and students

And the babies that are being born while we are away!  One of those being a new niece!  For the first time ever, we live and work with Jeremy’s brother and his family, and we won’t be there for the birth of their third baby.  It really eats me up!

my pregnant sister-in-law due in april

So I am counting the cost.  I think it’s a good thing that this has come now.  We are still traveling around speaking, fundraising, and securing our housing.  The plan is to begin the active “neutral” phase of the sabbatical by the end of February.  So I will take the next 5 or so weeks to process this.  Life needs to go on without us, so it’s not dependent on us.  And it WILL be different when we go back.  I know that.  It’s just a strange, crazy feeling going on inside of me right now!

These photos were stolen from Brittany!

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