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Love Time Calls For A Restaurant Review

Let me explain myself a little bit first. Emma Grace recently told me that she wanted Jeremy and I have “love time.”  What?!  What is that?!  I asked her.  “You know.  When you guys go for coffee or something and we stay back with the grandparents.”  So we went for “love time” recently. (Smile.)  Only it wasn’t coffee but dinner and a movie!

jeremy at pasand

Jeremy and I love Indian food, especially curries.  It’s kind of sweet seeing as how our relationship began on a plane ride to India.  (Another smile.)  So…we decided while we are here, we are going to visit as many Indian restaurants as we can on our “love times” to see which one is the best.  And there’s a plenty!

indian appetizer

We decided to make our first stop at Pasand where we spent a total of $22 on our meal!  After the traditional Indian cracker thing (it would be the equivalent of chips and salsa with Mexican food) with mint and tomato dipping sauces, we enjoyed a meal of naan, lamb biriyani, and the ever traditional chicken tikka masala that we love.  Before the meal came, I wondered why the tables were set with cloth and paper napkins.  As I ate, it all became clear.  One for your mouth and one for your nose.  🙂

lamb biriyani

chicken tikka masala

The tikka masala was, by far, our favorite.  A subtle kick to it that seemed to grow the more you ate (hence the nose dripping calling for the paper napkin).  The biriyani was enough food for several meals.  After we were full, we looked at the dish.  Didn’t even look like we made a dent!  The naan was, quite possibly, the best naan I’ve ever eaten.  The Dallas Morning News gives Pasand 3.5 stars.  I would say that’s pretty accurate.  Simple decor with Indian music playing softly as you alternate eating delicious food and wiping your nose!


Oh, don’t forget to grab a spoonful of Indian mints.  It’s like a potpourri explosion in your mouth.  Curious?  That’s why you should grab some!  What is that stuff anyways…?

Where will “love time” take us next…

*Curious how we spent $22?  It’s called!  Such great deals there.  Be sure to check it out!

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